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Reconditioned CDE & HyGain Rotators

USAGE: For 3 to 7 element tri-band beams,
monoband stacks, or monster VHF/UHF arrays.

remember : "Heavy-Duty" is merely a relative term....

These come with 90 day warranty :

 Ham-M models, built from 1957-1973, are available by special order. 

 Ham-2 models, only built 1974-1977, are available by special order. 

     Ham-3 models, only built 1977-1978, are available by special order. 


Ham IV

Heavy Duty

Vert. Load: 800 lbs.

98 ball bearings

Potentiometer feedback

8 wire hookup

Steel ring gear

Steel brake

40' Max. boom length

Built 1979-present  


All units now come standard with weatherproof connector system




Heavy Duty
Vert. Load: 1000 lbs.

138 ball bearings

Potentiometer feedback

8 wire hookup

Steel ring gear

Steel brake

45' Max. boom length

Built 1977-present


All units now come standard with weatherproof connector system



RL-1100 by C.A.T.S.

$ 439.00 rotator only 

***************** Mounts vertically or horizontally. **************

Usable as either an azimuth OR elevation rotator !!

Unit has a 2.00" hole through the middle for easier tower work; no need to remove rotator when servicing antennas. Mounts inside most standard towers; none of that "hanging out one side" like some other brands. 

Stainless steel 2" I.D. output shaft, fits crossbooms the others won't !!

Optional sleeves available for antenna booms or masts less than 2" O.D.

Precision 10-turn potentiometer for SUPERIOR accuracy

Turning torque approx. 800 in./lbs., brake torque approx. 4000 in./lbs.

Standard 3.00" mounting hole pattern 

Safe and quiet 24 VDC operation, can be lowered for slower speeds

     ** Rotator operates with any 20-30 VDC controller that allows potentiometer feedback. 

AC controllers would require an optional interface. 



Exclusively from C.A.T.S.

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The popular "Brak-D-Lay" provides a 5-second delay time for brake engagement on the CDE/Hygain series of HAM rotors. This 1.75" square board is designed especially small for the old Ham "M" control box and actually fits inside, as well as easily fitting into modern HAM-IV controls.  Complete installation instructions are included for mounting the unit in the Ham "M", Ham II, Ham III, Ham IV, and T2X rotators. Each unit comes with a 90 day guarantee. The unit uses standard parts and repair service is available.


qc.jpg (4025 bytes)

Finally, a weather-resistant locking connector to replace the infamous terminal strip in all CDE/Hygain rotators. The "Quick-Connect" will be the last plug you ever buy for your rotor. The chassis portion mounts to the rotator with the included mounting plate. Gold plated pins and heat-shrink tubing guarantee low resistance and weather protection. A starter kit is available which includes all hardware and instructions for one rotor and cable assembly, or you can purchase individual pieces of hardware for multiple rotator systems. Can only be used with rotators mounted in tower on shelf/plate (Mast-mt. units require QCPT & rewiring of rotator) 

QC Starter kit for one complete rotator and cable assembly
QCPL Plug for cable mounting complete with clamp and heat-shrink
QCCM Chassis mount assembly only with mounting plate and O ring seal
QCSPL Splice kit for making inline cable splice assemblies
QCPT Pigtail kit, for conversion to the modern style, cable & strain relief included (assembled)
QCPLJP Quick-Connect plug and Jones Plug kit  (for models since 1994)

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