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 Parts website for CDE & Hy-Gain can be accessed by clicking here

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Finally, a weather-resistant locking connector to replace the infamous terminal strip in all CDE/Hygain rotators. The "Quick-Connect" will be the last plug you ever buy for your rotor. The chassis portion mounts to the rotator with the included mounting plate. Plated pins and heat-shrink tubing guarantee low resistance and weather protection. A starter kit is available which includes all hardware and instructions for one rotor and cable assembly, or you can purchase individual pieces of hardware
for multiple rotator systems.
Can only be used with rotators mounted in tower on shelf/plate. 

QC Starter kit for one complete rotator and cable assembly $25.95
QCPL Plug for cable mounting complete with clamp and heat-shrink $14.95
QCSPL Splice kit for making inline cable splice assemblies $29.95

Parts website for CDE & Hy-Gain can be accessed by clicking here

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